Basement Waterproofing

British Damp Proofing

If you have been affected by damp in a room which is below ground level, such as a basement or cellar in your property, you may require your room to be tanked or a membrane system to be fitted. This requires the installation of a waterproof membrane or cementitious waterproofing layer. Please see below for a summary of the tanking process.

  • Cementitious structural waterproofing: this involves applying a waterproof layer of plaster to prevent moisture from penetrating. This is only applicable if the structure of the building itself can withstand the added pressure from water already present in the walls. The building must be in a stable environment (no subsidence) and should not be subject to vibrations which may cause cracks in walls.
  • Cavity drain membrane: a waterproof membrane is mechanically fixed to the walls so that moisture will flow down behind the membrane and via drainage channels where it can be conveniently pumped out. This method is ideal if your structure cannot withstand the added pressure of water against the walls, or if your home is subject to vibrations as previously mentioned.

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Waterproofing Affects:

1. Below Ground Level Areas

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