Brickwork Stitching

British Damp Proofing

Cracks can occur to all properties due to ground movement, this can be caused by foundation movement, seismic events, severe dry and wet conditions, even temperature and environmental changes.

Brickwork stitching repairs can in most instances be carried out by the use of epoxy resins and stainless steel bars.

Mortar beds are raked out extending further than the ends of the cracks in walls and at different heights, these are then filled with a combination of stainless steel bars and epoxy resins made into a type of horizontal sandwich. They are then faced off with cement to the mortar beds to blend in with the existing brickwork. The vertical cracks are filled with an epoxy based weatherproof filler. When the crack stitching is finished it will not be visible.

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Brickwork Stitching Affects:

1. Outside Walls

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