Dry Rot

British Damp Proofing

Dry rot is the term used for the most serious form of fungal decay, scientifically known as Serpula lacrymans. Unlike wet rot, dry rot can spread through masonry and timber alike, and weakens wood by leaving it brittle. This can cause major structural instability and in the most serious cases, it will cause sudden collapse.
Dry rot is caused by high levels of moisture and due to its severity, requires immediate attention to forestall future problems. Timber treatment methods include:

  • Removal of all affected materials up to 1 metre from the last visible signs of decay
  • Curing the source of the dampness
  • Plaster removed and brickwork sterilised with dry rot masonry biocide
  • Remaining timber treated with a fungicidal and insecticidal spray or paste
  • Replacement of affected timbers fully isolated from brickwork

The dry rot treatment required varies depending on the extent of the damage, the age of the property, and the severity of the fungus rot. Early diagnosis is key to keep costs and disturbance to your lifestyle to a minimum. For more information about our treatment methods offered throughout Lincoln, Horncastle, Skengess and surrounding region, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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