Wet Rot

British Damp Proofing

Wet rot is the term used to describe a wide range of fungal species. Usually wet rot is confined to timbers in direct contact with wet or damp masonry. In minor cases, the reduction of the source of moisture is enough to cause the fungus to die. In more serious cases, a further step of removing any damp or decayed timber is required. Treatment can include:

  • Curing the source of the dampness
  • Removal of rotted timbers
  • Replacing rotted timbers with fresh wood treated with a wood preservative to prevent against future infestations
  • New timbers isolated from damp brickwork
  • Increased or improved sub floor ventilation

If you notice any signs of wet rot within your Lincoln home, get in touch with the professionals immediately. Early diagnosis will reduce the cost and extent of wet rot treatment required. Speak to our team today to discuss your timber treatment requirements; we are always happy to help.

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