British Damp Proofing

Woodworm infestation is the generalised name for all beetles which burrow into and feed on the timber within your property. This can be anything from structural beams to furniture. The female beetles lay eggs on the surface or within the wood and these eggs then hatch and consume the wood around it.
Woodworm do not distinguish between wood in furniture and structural beams, so if you notice the tell-tale signs of woodworm in your furniture, we recommend that you seek professional timber treatment to avoid a spread of infestation. Symptoms include:

  • Varying size holes in the timber
  • Wood powder (Frass) either near the holes or on the floor below the wood may indicate an active infestation
  • Crumbling edges of furniture or wood beams
  • Small beetles on windowsills between June and July

Woodworm treatment includes gaining access to timbers to treat them with a combination of sprays and pastes. In some extreme circumstances, the stability of the wood may be compromised and therefore needs to be replaced. All chemicals used during the eradication of woodworm are sourced from British suppliers where possible. Our treatment includes a 20 year guarantee, so the buildings of Lincoln and the surrounding areas can rest assured that the British Damp Proofing professionals have expertly eradicated the problem. Contact our team today for advice and information.

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