Wall Ties

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Problems with corroded metal wall ties are becoming increasingly apparent. Recent reports state more than ten million homes could be affected by serious corrosion of the cavity wall ties. At the worst, this could cause outside walls to collapse.

The remedial works required consist of removal / isolation of existing cavity wall ties and installation of new stainless steel ties. The method used will depend on the material of the building.

We can provide remedial work for wall ties, which includes removal and isolation of existing ties and replacement with new stainless steel ties. The methods we use vary depending upon the material of the building concerned. Replacement of wall ties carries a 20 year guarantee, so you can rest assured you are investing in a service that is built to last. To speak to any of our crack stitching and wall tie specialists give our Lincoln team a call today, we will be happy to provide more information or book a consultation.

Wall Tie Failure Affects

1. Structural Integrity of the Property

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